What We Do

We Increase RevPAR

Resort Inventory Group has access to a vast and global network of suppliers that provides distribution to more than 8.3 million active travelers through private membership clubs and programs resulting in increased bookings and higher RevPar for our partner hotels and resorts.


We partner with private membership clubs for Closed User Group (CUG) distribution channels.

Access to 8.3M Travelers

Travelers who are selecting a long length of stay of 3, 5 or 7 night stays.

Fill Need Periods

with Mid-Week only (Sun-Tuesday Arrivals, 3 night min. stays), and 5 night stays with Sunday arrival, or any day arrivals, if that is what the hotel needs.

Booking Window of 2-4 Months

Members seek destination vacations and select their vacation spot months in advance of travel. 90% of members are US or Canadian residents, so they travel to Drive-to or Fly-to destinations with no currency fluctuations.

66% of Our Arrivals are Mid-Week with Average Length of Stay of 5.2 Nights

5 Night Stays

7 Night Stays

3 Night Stays

Increased Inventory Yield

7 night bookings

Saturday to Saturday. Increases long-term guest occupancy rates

Consecutive reservations

Bookings from our segment are back-to-back to reduce spoilage on room nights.

Off-season bookings

We can book shoulder and off-season, no requirements to participate in your high-season periods.

Only leisure travelers

Because we focus solely on leisure travelers, reservations tend to have a larger booking window.

New customer group

Our unique distribution channel targets a new customer group not available to other hotel properties and therefore does not cannibalize your current FIT marketing efforts.

Repeat rentals and referrals

Word of mouth is still the least expensive advertising, get new guests to our property, they will tell their family, friends, and co-workers, and repeat themselves.