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I didn't think when we first signed up with your company in June of 2013 to do weekly wholesale bookings, that the business you were going to generate, would be so much so soon. For 2013 and into the pipeline for 2014, your contracting should produce from 10,600 to 12,350 room nights for our resort. As a new condo-hotel, where we are just building our retail rental programs, your wholesaling business is helping us get off the ground. We especially like the "guaranteed" lease deals in addition to the larger travel companies operating under an "allotment" arrangement. At the current pace, your company should produce around $775,000 in revenues for our resort in 2014 alone. Of that, approximately $434,000 was contracted under the guarantee lease program, freeing up our marketing dollars to pursue other retail sources. And this is on inventory that would have otherwise gone unutilized by our own rental marketing. We are looking forward to renewing and expanding our contracts with your company in 2015 and beyond.

George V., Managing Director
Naples Resort

"RIG has booked to our two (2) resorts for 2013-14 and has generated 2,842 room nights with revenues increasing 22% over last year. Additionally, the weekly program, both the guaranteed lease program and the weekly allotment companies, have filled inventory in much needed seasons and will create repeat and referral guests. We are also looking to expand our company into additional resort rental opportunities, and Resort Inventory Group, LLC. will be a great help in getting new resort rental programs "up and running" very quickly."

Wolfgang R., Partner
Treasure Island Resorts

"We have received over 1,425 room nights booked in 2015 through the clients of Resort Inventory. As a luxury resort destination, it has allowed us to move some inventory through membership based organizations so that it would not affect rate parity with our other distribution channels. It has also increased REVPAR in our overall budget. And with 7 night bookings, all arriving and departing on Saturdays, it's "easy" business to administer and track. We are very pleased with the relationship and look forward to renewing agreements for 2016 and later years. As our company is expanding into additional resort locations, where some properties have one week minimum bookings, the sources that Resort Inventory can provide helps in our corporate growth plans."

Rob B., General Manager
Key Largo Resort

"When discussing whether we could do business with Resort Inventorys' clients, the 7 night vacations appeared to be a concern with our boutique hotel unit floor plans. We wanted to create a comfortable space for the week long vacationing families, so after some brainstorming, we decided to combine 2 Hotel style units to make a 1 Bedroom "Family Suite". The program has worked extremely well and has provided our hotel with revenues during the off-season and continuing to build on our strong and loyal guest program. It has also added revenues to our on-site restaurant and bar as well. The reservation process is simple and easy to monitor. Additionally, by committing a percentage of our units under the guarantee program, it helps to "build a base" of revenues to expand on throughout the year."

Trista K., Director of Operations
Naples Resort

"When we completed our new condo-hotel building in November of 2013, we needed immediate revenues. Resort Inventory was able to get us guaranteed supplier contracts of over $425,000 and also allotment suppliers which generated an additional $55,000 in bookings, and still booking. When completed, that building was only zoned for weekly bookings. Without this business by Resort Inventory, that building would have had a rough first year. The weekly guests patronized our restaurant, bar, and at other outlets throughout our resort facility. The client companies represented by Resort Inventory are reputable, easy to work with, and have always paid us on time. We look forward to renewing     contracts in subsequent years."

Robert N., General Manager
Tampa Bay Resort

 "Having worked with you for the last 2 years at another resort, when our company assumed management responsibilities at another resort, we     contacted you right away to help put some "heads in our beds" at this resort. These units are being occupied with good 7 night vacationers, it has     greatly helped us generate "out of room" spend for added F & B income to our associated restaurant, in addition to room revenues. Your program also greatly enhances REVPAR results, by replacing vacancies with revenues. Your guarantee program generates Cash Flow – exactly what the Condo Hotel owners are looking for, especially in this troubled economic conditions, and at a previously underperforming   resort."

Erin B., Director of Sales
Marco Island Res